The Bitter Southerner Top 30

My album "Cotton Fields and Blood for Days" was named one of The Bitter Southerner Top 30 southern albums of 2018... an absolute honor! Click the picture to read the Top 30

"Abe Partridge ain’t for everybody. His voice, as Tony Paris wrote for us earlier this year, sounds like “three packs a day for 30 years, each butt finished with a shot of whiskey for good measure.” But we think most people in The Bitter Southerner Family would be drawn to the story contained in this album’s epic track, “The Ghosts of Mobile.” Partridge, in a raspy, muffled shout, intones, “The heart of Dixie is in turmoil / Future spoiled, and they can't be saved / No, it ain't hard to find the devil in this town / Because them old gray ghosts won’t stay in the ground / And I wish there was a way to put ’em all down.” The stages of 37-year-old Partridge’s life have included one as an independent, fundamentalist Baptist preacher and a second as an avionics engineer in the Air Force. Now, he paints and plays music, but he says he considers himself more a “communicator” than a songwriter. To end his album, he communicates the hell out of “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” the old spiritual first committed to vinyl in 1931 by a South Carolina-born, African-American artist named Blind Joe Taggart. " 
Our favorite track: “The Ghosts of Mobile”

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