It takes a rare specimen who can sing like he gargles with ancient gravel soaked in Kamchatka vodka and still make it sound appealing, but that's only one of Alabama's Abe Partridge's many gifts. What is most striking about this musician is just how much his own man he is. He obviously tuned into a different drummer early in life and has been chasing that sound ever since. At heart, though, Abe Partridge sounds like he waits for inner inspiration to take over his soul and then lets it rip. He's no doubt seen life from all sides of the carnival and knows there are no givens: everything is up for grabs and everyone needs to hold on to what they've got. Partridge has the gift of music tattooed in his guts and isn't afraid of showing it however he can. Listen very close. ”

- BILL BENTLEY, Bentley's Bandstand

Abe Partridge

Abe Partridge is one of the most respected songwriters in Mobile; he is rapidly gaining national and international attention for his second full-length recording, Cotton Fields and Blood For Days.  Ranging from the earthy to the surreal, from the spiritual light to the depths of depression, Partridge draws listeners in with a combination of southern gothic storytelling, dark humor and gripping intensity. The album received rave reviews and landed Partridge a lengthy feature in The Bitter Southerner.

Partridge is also gaining recognition for his folk art, which are primarily acrylic paintings on tar board. He was recently featured in Creative Loafing, saying "The artwork, acrylics on tar board, illustrate the discrepancies Partridge has observed in life, two-dimensional parables of a three-dimensional world. Rudimentary in execution, with phrases like 'Colors are all that matter when you are already outside the lines' (also a line from the first song on his new album) or 'Some songs put a devil in your flowers,' the paintings are dark... "

Partridge is a passionate, engaging performer.  He performed at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in July of 2018 and brought the house down.  He toured the Netherlands in October of 2018 and performed at the prestigious 30A Songwriter Festival in Santa Rosa, Florida, in January of 2019.

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