Here is what they say...

"Abe Partridge has established himself as one of the most respected songwriters and visual folk artists in the southeast. His sound ranges from the earthy to the surreal, and has had his lyrics compared to Townes, Guy or Rodney hitting on spiritual high to the dark seeds of depression, Partridge draws listeners in with a combination of southern gothic storytelling, dry humor, and gripping intensity." 
- American Songwriter Magazine


"Partridge’s raw, emotional attack and stirringly honest lyricism balanced between the deeply, heart-achingly personal and the political. Partridge was one of the most compelling artists I stumbled upon."
- No Depression


"From the path of righteousness to despair and finding your own personal path to salvation, Abe Partridge's life has taken many twists and turns. From Fundamentalist Baptist pastor to singer/songwriter and artist, he has finally found himself through art and music." 
- Alabama Public Television


"He pushes out sharp and edgy lyrics that isn’t really Country and really isn’t ANY kind of genre, it’s just good music. period. He isn’t trying to be like anybody but Abe Partridge, and he isn’t trying to look like anybody else..but he does print “This Machine Kills” like Mr. Woody Guthrie did."
- Gary Hayes, Gary Hayes Country


"It’s not too tough to pin down Abe Partridge’s influences. Everyone from John Prine and Townes Van Zandt to Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson (hell, he’s even got a song about the Red Headed Stranger), can be heard throughout ‘Cotton Fields and Blood for Days.’ And like his musical heroes, the Mobile, Alabama-based Partridge shares a knack for strong storytelling, slightly off-kilter vocal delivery and a tendency to turn in perfectly imperfect country songs with a strong streak of punk rock and individuality."
- Troy Michael, Innocent Words


"...Partridge sounds like a prodigy of Townes, Guy and Rodney the way his lyrics poetically twist and turn via a grizzled and lived in voice over a jagged acoustic guitar"
Alan Harrison, The Rocking Magpie


"To call Partridge a singer-songwriter/guitarist would be a disservice. He’s far more than that. He doesn’t just wear his heart on his sleeve, but rips out the one in his chest, displaying the still-pumping life source for anyone to see."
- Tony Paris, Creative Loafing Atlanta


"I wasn’t there in the early coffee house days of the likes of John Prine or Guy Clark but I did recently stumble across Abe Partridge and felt the same excitement of discovering a true American original. Rough hewn out of the earthy heart and soul of the South his songs are incisive, funny/sad and best of all, despite the greats I’ve mentioned beyond comparison, remain unique to just him."
- Keith Glass, owner - Mobile Records, music writer / producer / performer


"It takes a rare specimen who can sing like he gargles with ancient gravel soaked in Kamchatka vodka and still make it sound appealing, but that's only one of Alabama's Abe Partridge's many gifts. It probably didn't hurt he was a former Baptist minister who became an avionics technician in the Air Force, spent 100 days in Qatar and still works on Hurricane planes. What is most striking about this musician is just how much his own man he is. He obviously tuned into a different drummer early in life and has been chasing that sound ever since. At heart, though, Abe Partridge sounds like he waits for inner inspiration to take over his soul and then lets it rip. He's no doubt seen life from all sides of the carnival and knows there are no givens: everything is up for grabs and everyone needs to hold on to what they've got. Partridge has the gift of music tattooed in his guts and isn't afraid of showing it however he can. Listen very close."
- Bill Bentley, Bentley's Bandstand


"Abe Partridge is one of the best songwriters I know. He comes from another time and space & speaks truth into these times. His voice is like sandpaper and peppermint oil sliding to your soul. His lyrics make you think, laugh, cry, shake your head in disbelief, and most of all, make you heal. Yeah... he's a healer. If you get the chance to see him play, do it. Discover Abe today!"
- Chris Taylor, artist -


"Abe Partridge is that special kind of singer/songwriter who has the ability to connect with just about any audience. His songwriting is top notch and his stage presence and song delivery are nothing less than stellar. Everyone should keep an eye on Abe Partridge - his future is bright."
- Jim Halfpenny, organizer/promoter - Dripping Springs Songwriter Festival


"I'd never heard Abe Partridge's songs prior to his coming into Studio H2O and no idea as what to expect. Within seconds of hearing the first song we recorded, I was fixated by both the strength of his unique vocal style and the compelling poetry and imagery in his songs. I usually avoid comparisons, as they tend to be misconstrued, but Abe Partridge is cut from the same cloth as Waits, Dylan, and Cohen. Not that he "sounds" like any of them. Quite the contrary, but that his songs and delivery have a superbly defined style that is all his own is undeniable."
- Rick Hirsch, guitarist of Wet Willie - member, Alabama Music Hall of Fame

"When it is all said and done the name Abe Partridge will be among the giants of songwriting. He's not some skinny jeans,  backwards ball cap wearing-tool that sings of bubblegum and toes in the sand. This cat is a war veteran and a former holy roller preacher that has probably seen too much. He is not afraid to write tales about the evils of bathsalts, the corruptness of organized religion, war or any other topic most people wouldn't dare. A live performance shows a young man that is probably wrapped a little too tight - and you leave there hoping he is okay. One of a kind!"
-Jim Pennington, owner - The Peoples Room of Mobile, AL

"I can count on one hand how many live performances I have seen that gripped me, shook me up, & rattled me to the core. Abe Partridge is among them. His astonishing songwriting combined with his shocking performance will haunt you, & his studio recordings equally as strong!!!"
- Laura Vendetti
, Founder - Gulf Coast Blues Society

"Writers can expound only on what they know. Typically, a person who has lived an eventful and/or varied life collects a wealth of inspiration for songs, stories or both. Mobilian Abe Partridge’s life has taken him from the church pulpit to the venue stage. Along the way, his life experiences have allowed him to gather the lyrics and melodies for his debut album, “White Trash Lipstick.”

When Partridge was 18, he journeyed into the world with aspirations of becoming a minister. Before accepting a ministerial position in Kentucky, he delved into the world of a hardworking day laborer. Partridge left the ministry for the Air Force and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Throughout his life, Partridge exceled as a songwriter and crafted many pieces that were only performed within the home, until just last year.

Partridge recorded “White Trash Lipstick” in Nashville and the album features a beautiful lineup of alt. country tunes. The light rasp of Partridge’s vocals mixes well with the unspoiled work on the acoustic guitar. This vocal quality is also fitting for the subject matter of an album filled with whiskey-drenched tales of a simple life that is both tragic and beautiful."
-Stephen Centanni, music writer - Lagniappe Weekly

"Abe is one of the best regional singer /songwriters that we have had come through our festival. Definitely one to watch!"
-George Cumbest, organizer - Mississippi Songwriters Festival

"Abe Partridge is indeed a different breed of songwriter. A true original with a writing style and delivery unique to only him. He has a natural talent for capturing the full attention of his audiences within the first few lines of his song. But his true talent lies in making you believe every single word."
- Nick Biebricher, founder - Sandy Roots Music Productions